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СообщениеТема: Из сети   Вс Окт 08, 2017 1:54 pm

October 5, 2017 at 5:29 pm
Has it made any difference which party the present-day clowns are from in Washington? They are all members of the War Party now, serving the interests of the MIC whether nominally Dems or GOPers. Equating money to speech, corporations to people, allowing every elected official to be bought by the 1% through “campaign contributions” and enacting onerous restrictions as to who may vote have already locked out all free and fair competition, regardless of Gerrymandering. Mind you, I’m not for drawing electoral maps to resemble M.C. Escher wood prints but the entire electoral system in America has become futile when virtually every candidate chosen for office refutes basically everything he promised to do during the campaign and immediately marches in lockstep with the un-elected Deep State apparatus.
A small wealthy clique of insiders runs the country and everyone knows it. The constitution has become a book of ancient mythology and the political process is one more false narrative dispensed by the media. You want power and influence in America? The most reliable way to achieve it is, as always, get born into a wealthy family, get an Ivy League education, and promise absolute loyalty to your class and their interests. Otherwise, the best you can hope for, which requires a generous degree of cunning and a modicum of education, social polish, and sociopathy, is to become a foot soldier for one of the elite’s two sham political parties and never deviate from the marching orders you are given by them even if all morality and common sense dictate that you should take a different path. Wandering from the specified path may even prove lethal, as some have found. What else explains the army of cloned morons in government today who bald-facedly spew obvious lies, like “Russiagate” and protecting our “freedoms” from al Qaeda, to the public without letup and shamelessly act to censor and stifle those faint voices of truth and dissent?
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